Squeezy Rose Cordial Sago Kuih



  1. Mix water and Squeezy Rose Cordial until well blended. Add in white sago and soak for approximately 30 minutes until the sago expend well.
  2. Drain the soaked sago.
  3. Add Homsweet into the sago and mix well.
  4. Pour sago into a steaming tray. Do not compress the sago, just pour evenly to fill up the tray.
  5. Steam in the steamer for approximately 35 minutes or until the sago turns translucent and shiny. Leave to cool.
  6. After it is cooled, cut sago to desired size and coat with grated coconut which has been mixed with salt. (The grated coconut and salt should be steamed for awhile to prevent from stale.)