The Brand

ZHULIAN - A Name Synonymous with Reliability and Quality

ZHULIAN, which is derived from the Chinese characters 速远 (Sù Yuǎn), simply means to grow rapidly and possess foresight. When combined, Zhulian carries an implied auspicious meaning of being able to prosper very quickly and travel the distance in terms of development, expansion and innovation. Coupled with the colour Green, which represents Mother Nature in all its glory, Zhulian symbolises swift and speedy growth as well as continued success in all its endeavours.

The brand – ZHULIAN is a synonym to reliability and quality.  Its strong brand positioning has earned numerous awards and recognitions.  Among which the most recent one is the BrandLaureate Brand Icon Leadership Awards 2018 - Industry Champion brand icon in the Fashion Jewellery, Health & Wellness Products category.  This award is a proud testament of the Group’s continuous pursuit in contributing towards the beauty and well-being of the people in the region through strong brand leadership and governance, as well as its commitment in offering the highest quality products to customers.